Ethical Crafters

Because we care.

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Ethical Crafters is a community for those interested in crafting with ethical supplies. We will search for and promote companies that follow a variety of ethical practices: fair trade, environmentally friendly, gender-equal, etc.

This is also a place for crafters to come together and share their ideas for ways to promote a greater understanding of ethical practices in the wider community.

Of course, we also want to see all those gorgeous projects you make. ;)

PLEASE be sure to check out the memories, and read the rules. I don't have much patience for people who don't read first.

No Solicitations, Please!

This community was first inspired here by lexscreations. She's set up a fair trade bead shop, ftbs! Head over there for some really gorgeous things and to support a good cause.

We're currently moderated by thegeekgoddess.

Have a related community? Feel free to promote it just once here. If we like it, we might just link back!

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